Analytics Couldnt Be Better Without Backinzo


Backinzo is specially curated to emerging and professional Option Strategy Traders.

It’s Been Designed to Meet your expectations with Backtesting Platforms in the most precise and accurate way possible.

When you find many solutions readily available, why Choose Us?

“Backinzo” Not Just Offers a Versatile and Robust Analytics Platform Alone but Handles Many Complexities Which you use with your daily live executions which makes us different from the rest as You have more flexibility to handle complex oriented functionalities which has always been a trader’s desire.

As The Name Suggests “BACKINZO” Stands for Analytics in your zone when many web based platforms are available which might compromise your logic over third party servers Backinzo ensures that your logic stays just with you and not even with the Company which is offering you the Backtest Application / Platform.

That’s Why Backinzo Not Just Handles Advancement but Even Safeguards your logic which stays with your own self safe.


*Users will have to arrange own data through brokers historical apis, or data vendors we just provide a analytics platform executable

How is Backinzo Different From Existing Backtesting Web Based Platforms

Better Simulations Results Revealed With More Logical Calculations

Backinzo Advance

Web Based

Backinzo Advance

Web Based

Don’t Just Analyze On Atm Strike Basis Don't Limit Your Execution Reach Because They Don’t Provide

Struggled To Bring Your Analysis To Live Execution Or Bring Your Live Strategy To Backtest Analysis

At Backinzo we truly believe in simplifying your Lives That’s why Our Technology Partner “Algobaba -Stoxxo” Comes in to the Rescue

One Click Export Your Backtest Strategies to Stoxxo for Easy Live Executions or Import YOUR Live Strategies From “Stoxxo“ To the Backinzo in one Click for Backtesting and Back Simulations.

Two Platforms Work in Sync to Help You Achieve Better Outputs to Backtest as well as Handle your Live Executions.

Limited Yourself To Analyze Strategies Due To Credit Based Deduction Plan

Not Anymore with Backinzo We Just Don’t Want You To Limit Your ideas Because of Credit Based Deductions Per Analytics

Go Ahead the Best Experience Comes Out with Explorers and That’s What Backinzo Is For No Limit To Your Thoughts with Analysis

Are You an Options Training Mentor or Running Options Trading Classroom?

Now Help Your Students Learn Even better way as you can recreate the Market anytime you want with Backtest Simulation which helps you optimize portfolios step by step as you would do during a live Market

Gain More Traction to your business if you truly a right Mentor Then Backinzo is an answer to your never ending Quest.

As Your Trainees can too easily Backtest with Simulators and Get a Hands Without Putting a single penny at Risk.

If you Run a Program Then We Have a Special Pack for students as we believe True Mentors Like You Deserve Better and Backinzo Admires Trainers Like You

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